About Kim Zee

Kim Zee is a mother of two wildly entertaining boys, the sister of five brothers, the wife of one poor sucker, and the daughter of  one father (...or so her mother told her).  She grew up in Rehoboth, Massachusetts riding ponies, hanging out in the barn with friends, and playing sports. 

As an adult, she spends much of her time working in the media relations field, attending sporting events for her kids, coaching recreational soccer, and playing adult co-ed soccer each week with her husband and their team The Kidney Shots at the Wide World of Indoor Sports. 

A Bucket List of sorts, "The F in Forties" will document all the things you can finally do now that "the big stuff is out of the way."  We encourage readers to add to our growing list of things to do, challenges to conquer, and adventures that take you out of your comfort zone.  40?  BRING IT!