Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WELCOME TO MY BUCKET LIST (...and Happy Birthday to me!)

Today I turned 40 - And I don't feel any different.  My face didn't suddenly wrinkle up, the kids still fight like I'm NOT on my death-bed, and I woke up on the right side of the dirt...right?  So I guess 40 ain't so different after all!

I spent my 20's going to school, dating, preparing a wedding, buying a house, etc.  Then I spent my 30's raising my two boys - all hands on deck, all the time.  So I have a new plan for 40.  I'm going to do all those things I didn't have the time or money for.  Money is still an issue, but WHATEVER!!!  I'm going to be that "old beotch" in the hot convertible that the high school girl looks over at and thinks, "What an effing waste.  Why is it always OLD people driving hot cars while I just get to drive this stupid 1990 Ford Taurus???"  Want to know why, honey?  'Cuz I earned it.  I paid my dues and now...I get to enjoy life!

I wasted 39 being depressed about turning 40.  But I'm done.  I've got a Bucket List to attend to.  Not "to do before I die," but "to do because I finally can!"  So hello, 40!  Hand me some ibuprofen and my reading glasses.  Can you make a cake out of Metamucil?


Jean L. said...

Good for you. I always hated birthdays and stayed home and ordered Chinese food, but about a week before I turned 40 I went hey, not what I planned but here I am...let's get going. I remember throwing myself my first ever not a surprise party and continuing to cherish everyday going forward. Bought me my first ever nice watch, took a trip to Paris, learned to cook a quiche and drank scotch with the best of them. Congrats to you. Don't really know what a blog is but I like it based on the title alone.
Your Gamer Friend, Jean